"He didn't just teach us music.
He taught us how to be MEN."

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    "He didn't just teach us music. He taught us how to be MEN."

    - Reginald Nelson


Welcome! It has been four years since the death of my grandfather – yet I am confident in sharing with you that he is truly living on through the efforts of many.

Conrad O. Johnson was a musician. He was an educator. Sure he was. But he was and is so much more than that. He had an instinctive gift of pouring his passion into whomever he encountered. You felt his power. You became enveloped in his passion. You never questioned his purpose.

We are a family of educators. There are five generations of educators in our family and all of us have been dedicated to schools that are underserved, also known as “At-Risk” campuses. Yet society must be clear that it is not just the students who are at risk; it begins with the entire campus starting with the leadership thus affecting the educators, and then the students. Prof initiated a seamless marriage of education and the fine arts that targeted at-risk populations before the term “at-risk” was ever coined. Why was this important? Because it was such a bond that the students whom he touched never forgot. Many of them would have been incarcerated, dead, or otherwise had it not been for the inspiring education that the discipline of music offered each of them.

Energy and a spirit like this can never die. Because of this truth, his legacy continues in so many ways. Musicians continue to play amazingly because they believe in the power of Prof’s love. Educators have been inspired to become better in the classroom because of Prof’s dedication. It doesn’t end here. It can’t.

My family and I thank you for your continued support. The musicians he touched are grateful that you love to hear how their lives were touched. On this site, you can access more information about each of the performance bands and their upcoming projects. You will also hear from various musicians and educators as we strive to keep you informed. Informed of what? Our efforts in continuing to reach the underserved by empowering their educators, their music departments, and the world simply because one man loved music and students that much. The fire has been ignited and the torch will continue to burn.

So, I welcome you to the movement. Keep in touch! Thank you for your support.


Wendi Johnson Turner

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September 17, 2012   |   in Blog

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